Illumina’s BeadChip microarrays lead the industry with ease of use, robust performance, and reproducibility. Our microarray analysis products offer flexible content and scalable multiplexing to enable diverse DNA, RNA, and epigenetic applications.

Our high-density BeadArray microarray technology enables expanded genomic coverage for whole-genome genotyping and detecting large structural DNA changes. BeadChip arrays also support high sample throughput in gene expression, targeted genotyping, and DNA methylation studies.

Genotyping Microarrays

Illumina’s genotyping arrays allow for powerful genome-wide association studies, and can accurately detect point mutations, copy number variants, and chromosome aberrations. These arrays enable a broad range of applications, including human genotyping, custom genotyping, agrigenomics, and cytogenomics.

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Gene Expression Microarrays

With high-throughput processing and a low per-sample cost, Illumina's gene expression arrays produce high-quality data for large gene expression studies. Multi-sample formats enable high-throughput multiplex expression profiling, even from FFPE-derived samples.

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Methylation Arrays

Illumina's methylation arrays allow researchers to quickly and accurately quantify methylation across the genome. Our Infinium HumanMethylation450 array covers 99% of RefSeq genes, 96% of CpG islands, and additional high-value genomic regions selected by methylation experts. The 12-sample per array format, automation compatibility and low per-sample price are easily amenable to large sample size projects.

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Microarray Data Analysis

We offer comprehensive microarray analysis software options to help you visualize, analyze, and report your array data, as well as reduce your data size. Our software enables a wide variety of array applications, with results provided in standard file formats.

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