SVGM offers the "know-how" and state-of-the-art technology in the molecular genetics field allowing your company to become more competitive by raising the innovation scope and increasing the added value of your products.

SVGM offers to your company not only an R+D+I partnership, but the possibility to develop, optimize, validate and transfer any technology you would need, assuming the specialized knowledge and skill your people would need.

We have more than twelve years of experience on animal genomics in the genotyping of Economic Trait Loci in livestock (related papers ) and performing animal identification, which provide the definitive tool for traceability of livestock from the farm to the consumer. SVGM participates in different national and European research projects with the strategic objective of discovering new genes involved in productive and economic traits.

With pharmacological and foodstuff companies SVGM performs the determination of species of origin and the detection of contaminant species in raw material; the validation of pathogen detection in processed material and the evaluation of the canine immune response profile in clinical assays of new drugs and vaccine.

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